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The Great British Digital Outcomes Armchair Audit Results

Many suppliers have expressed concern that opportunities on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework are hard to understand and respond to.

This project is an attempt to measure the problem. In November and December 2017, we presented information given by buyers on three weeks worth of opportunities, and asked people to vote on whether the information was easy to understand.

We've now analysed the votes and generated these statistics. If you'd like to know how these numbers were produced, you can read our methodology, which includes some information about the limitations of a study of this kind.

89% of opportunites had a phase which was inappropriate for the work
32% of opportunites did not clearly describe the budget
71% of opportunites did not clearly explain the Pre-tender market engagement (if present)
42% do not define a phase of work
45% shortlisted 5 or more suppliers
32% have no pre-tender engagement
48% contain additional buyer terms
77% require 6 or more essential skills
13% were rated as generally good by most respondents
65% were rated as generally bad by most respondents